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5 ½" Minnows

Every fisherman knows to catch big fish you need larger baits. The 5 ½" Banjo Minnow is perfect for luring out the big ones from cover, off beds, and from the shoreline. Even in open water, fish ATTACK it because it creates a commotion through the water and on the surface. Especially in the wind there is no place you cannot cast it to get it just the right spot. Give it a twitch and let it sink because its larger size allows for a consistent drop through the water that perfectly mimics a minnow in distress that triggers fish to attack!

4 ½" Minnows

This will be your GO-TO size in both fresh and saltwater because it’s the most common sized baitfish in nature and predator fish see it as easy prey just like a real school of baitfish. Amazing casting range and lifelike maneuverability make the medium sized Banjo Minnow perfect for all conditions and size fish. The 4 ½" Minnow is especially deadly when the bite is slow because its size is a no-brainer meal for every fish no matter what time of day you are on the water.

3" Minnows

The perfect size for pan fish, blue gill and crappie and every species that feeds on a smaller baitfish. As a swim bait in moving streams and flowing rivers it’s the perfect size because it creates such a realistic and natural motion over rocks, in the small falls and has the quick slippery motion as it swims by the bank over hangs presenting itself as a quick meal for the lunkers hiding in the shade. Its lifelike spastic action brings fish to a frenzy fast so be ready when it hits the water.


Green color Minnow

Our Most Popular Green Minnow

By far “FOLIAGE” green has been the most popular minnow color since its inception. The feedback we have received from fishermen around the world has been “FOLIAGE” green is the workhorse color pattern for the largest variety of species. Very often, fish are seeking cover from the elements whether it be under surface grass, trees, or docks, that’s why the green color pattern is so effective because the color mixes into the surrounding elements making the minnow a highly desired meal that predator fish feed on because it’s indigenous to their surroundings.

Green Pumpkin Minnow for finnicky fish

Our Newly Requested
Green Pumpkin Minnow

We are excited to introduce the GREEN PUMPKIN minnow because it has been the most requested by our loyal Banjo believers. With a natural forage topside combined with the shiny pearl bottom it's perfect for when the bite is hot. Also when the fish are finicky and need some persuasion.

Electric Yellow for Murky Water

Electric Yellow
for Murky Water

Many times, water visibility is hampered by silt which causes muddy and murky conditions. Often the big lunkers are hiding in the shadows of these conditions waiting to attack. That’s why the “ELECTRIC” yellow Banjo is so productive, the visibility it demands, and the spastic lifelike action combined are what bring out the big ones to bite even when the conditions are less than optimal. You never want to be without the “ELECTRIC” yellow minnows because you never know what the conditions have in store, but rest assured you WILL be ready when the big bite is ON!!!!

Transparent Sparkle Minnow

Brand-New Silver Shiner -
Added Flash That's Simply
Irresistible to Fish!

Some colors can disappear underwater simply because of how light gets absorbed as it hits the water surface. That’s why the “SILVER SHINER” minnow is so crucial to your success because it picks up and radiates light in water attracting fish from every direction. Predator fish especially Bass are drawn into shimmer and flashes of light because it acts as an attractant. When fish are lured in, they are extremely active and aggressive which means your chances of being chased down and bit increase significantly. The “SILVER SHINER” is extremely effective in all conditions and is why it’s the perfect color pattern to round out your banjo fish catching arsenal.

Banjo Frog

The “new” Banjo Frog with its “LIVE-SWIM” legs and 2 toned body appearance looks, swims and acts like the real thing. In fact, bass can’t tell the difference that’s why they attack it. A MUST-HAVE in your kit for all conditions and situations where bass live.

Watch It In Action
Banjo Frog

We’re Back Fishes! Over 2 Million Banjo Minnow Kits Originally Sold

Banjo Minnow is the world's only genetic response fishing lure. It's specifically designed to trigger a genetic response in predator fish, making them instinctively attack and eat their prey.

A fishing lure that zigs, zags, jumps and dives in all directions while swimming & fluttering with absolute random action. The Banjo Minnow's ability to perfectly mimic that spastic action of a wounded, dying minnow creates an illusion so life like that it triggers a genetic response and compels fish to bite even if they are not hungry.

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Lifelike Action

A specially formulated "living plastic" creates the exact spastic action of an injured or dying minnow when swam through water. An action that mimics nature and makes fish bite even when they are not hungry!

Holographic Eyes

Close up of the eyes on the Banjo Minnow

The pearly sparkle and colorful radiance of the lifelike eyes catches the sun at every angle to lure in big fish from a distance.

Realistic Scales & Gills

Close up of the gills and scales on the Banjo Minnow

Every time the Banjo Minnow twitches and swims, the scales shimmer and sparkle attracting fish and when up close the realistic gills cuts are so lifelike, they entice fish to bite.

Blunted Nose

Green Banjo Minnow with nose slightly cut off

This new design creates an easy insertion point for the nose anchor that holds the minnow securely when casting and during strikes. It also creates the ultimate in lifelike action where the entire minnow swims and flutters with absolute random lifelike action.

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